Let’s say you start with this rack.. what would you play? QI? KEX? Quite obviously KEX seems to be a good choice because it leaves QU on the same rack, which should be conducive to scoring on the next turn. QI on the other hand allows X a flexibility of vowels, but probably isn’t as good as KEX (and scores less too)

Consider changing K?

Changing K leaves you with a possible draw of N or T, which leaves two bingos which may very well be played (considering the E hooks). Not forgetting the possible 8 in the rack QUIXOTES which will be played, if the opponent opens the T and you draw an S. Changing K also gives a very high probability of scoring at >35 for the next turn, given the power combination of QU and the number of vowels to go with the X. Playing KEX leaves IOQU which may be horrible if more vowels are drawn. QI leaves K, X and U together which gives an even smaller chance of bingo than changing 1.

Sounds stupid (and probably is), but maybe if such moves are considered in real life the game would be a whole lot more interesting :).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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