Nationals Day 1 Update

The application to update my blog screwed up, so I didn’t get to post “live” updates about Nationals.

Did pretty badly, getting 4/8 wins. Had very bad luck, although I could have won one of the games (if I didn’t make THE bingo miss, though I didn’t go through that word in preparation for Nationals). The rest of the games were generally unwinnable with unsynergistic racks (I could probably list around 4-5 for each game I lost) and horror draws. (the publicized one being ACET + IUU and another being EIST + IIP) Most of the moves I missed were due to words I didn’t know.

JP and Cheah are doing well and look to be closing in on the title – it’s still possible to catch up with them, although it’s highly unlikely (especially given my streak of bad luck).

Who cares. It’s still possible.

May post short game reports before I sleep, if I bother to analyse them.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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