More Statistics – Nationals

Equity Losses

Day 1
Victor Gwee 18.7
Guo Cong 41.9 (1 miss)
Hubert 69.5 (1 phony accounts for 20 points)
Victor Chua 91.4 (1 miss)
Quek 90.6 (1 miss)
Tony 86.9 (2 phonies account for 40 points)
Jessie 52.7 (1 miss, 1 phony)

Day 2

Marcus 8.3 (excluding endgame screwup, spent too much time and lost focus but was far ahead)
Joshua 81.2 (2 phonies account for 40 points, 2 misses)
Jiang Pern 26.2
Cheah 29.5 (1 phony accounts for 20 points)
Dorai 24.8
Andy 29.1 (excluding endgame error, don’t know how to factor that into equity)
Kian Boon 74.5 (1 miss)
Andy 71.6 (losing move cost me 30 points)

Average Equity Loss – 50.33

Tile Distributions (may not be 100% accurate):

Blanks: 15/30
J: 8/15
Q: 7/15
X: 7/15
Z: 8/15
S: 35/60

Generally rather average besides the esses. This doesn’t say anything much about racks though – even with the blanks I had quite unsynergistic racks – take my game against JP where I once had ?BNTWXS.


I played 7 phonies in total, of which 2 were unchallenged (ABELA, IURES and UPMOvED), 1 was unintentional (didn’t notice blank was R) and 3 were played too hastily. Still my fault though, I should learn to focus more.

Didn’t challenge any valid words on the second day, though I gave away 20 points for challenges in total.

Bingos/ Misses:

Bingos that popped out on my racks were bingos I lost touch with – that means I missed quite a few simple ones (7 misses in total, along with many suboptimal choices). Had very few bingos on the first day but caught up a bit more on the second day (first few games especially). Generally pretty disappointed with the shape of my racks though – most of them were bingo unfriendly, with repetitions like RR and absurdities like UWV. The 7 misses were generally inconsequential towards the results of my games (but then again, who really knows)

A total of 29 bingos in 15 games – pretty shocking considering I only had 11 bingos on the first day. I THINK I played a bonus in every game, which is still a healthy statistic.

Need work on my high probability bingos – I should have done that before going for the competition, and it really showed when I phonied on racks like ACEGORST. (shame shame)

General comments

Screwed up in game 13 and 16 – both games really should have been wins. I am not disappointed with this result though, because I didn’t play badly. Will hope to do better at Causeway and/or WYSC.

One good improvement from previous tournaments is that I’m much more sure of my words (yeah, it’s true) and I spend my time more wisely, with a few exceptions.

May need to improve on my fengshui for the next tourney.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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