Game Reports – Day 1

Game 1 vs Victor Gwee

An uninspiring game in general, which sets the pace for the racks that follow later. Start with ?BDGIOU and play GUB, incidentally the best move. Follow this up with a double-double DHOOtIE (95). From then on the game is mine, though on his 4th turn he plays dETAINE(R) for 60, bringing him within 30 points of my score. I never draw a bingo again, though my plays are for most part the best.

Win 412-308
Bingos 1-1
Best moves 9/14

Game 2 vs Guo Cong

Another game with generally bad draws. He generally scores well the whole game, and I make many amateur mistakes at the start – playing L(O)NGED instead of GL(E)D, PHONY instead of HYP and (S)AVIOR instead of (S)AVOUR (ok that was really bad). Draw both blanks together with a load of consonants (CKNTW) and play off one with W(R)iCK (36+5), which turns out second best, no bingos playable. Miss the difficult-to-see ELMNNOTU (M blank) from a hanging U a turn later, and that costs me the game (mostly because I’m not able to bingo until many turns later).

Lose 378-426
Bingos 1-2
Best moves 4/12

Game 3 vs Victor Chua

He starts with MARIA – he tells me later that he did this because it doesn’t take S (!!!). I make mistakes here and there costing me quite a bit of equity – I think I lost focus after the draw of IUU from ACET. Victor gets nice draws with SHOUTER (104) and REPANEL (63) immediately after. I miss the high-probability ACEIILNR but get AACILNPS% later. I play another bingo with ?ENORTY (blank L), missing better choices, and from there draw BIIJTVW which kills my game.

Lose 379-458
Bingos 2-2
Best moves 3/13

Game 4 vs Hubert Wee

Hubert at this point isn’t doing very well either – I meet him on 1 win. Start with AAILNTW and correctly play WITAN (24), quickly receiving QAT (23) from him. Miss a tough double double later, and from then on the game progresses quite badly with few scoring spots and no bingo racks. He plays TETANIES (82), PICRATED (80+5) and SERIFED (93+5) in succession, setting up a 190 point lead for him which is cut down slightly BARNEYs (83). He extends it further with ZO (54) and OARAGEs (70) and I am crushed. (BTW phony MOAIS* to out later missing a better AGIOS, but I really can’t be bothered by then)

Lose 347-562
Bingos 1-4
Best moves 5/11

Game 5 vs Quek

I draw DGNNJYZ at the start and think I’m going to lose this like all the others – thankfully not. Racks are generally terrible at the start – after I change I get ALNORTX (which can score, but keeping ALNRT), ALNRTTQ, BGINQRS, BBCEGNR, CGJNRUY and after that finally ?CEEGNO (hehe). I miss an easy AEHLNOST later, but I haven’t seen it in the past half year I think. The rest of the game goes on normally.

Win 407-390
Bingos 1-2
Best moves 6/15

Meet the bye after this – a welcome break to psyche me up for the next game.

Game 7 vs Tony

Yeah, at this point of time Tony isn’t doing that well too. Start with ABELA*, played too hastily. Thankfully he doesn’t challenge as he thinks he can throw off his tiles and hit the double – however he misestimates and his play can’t hit the double! Too bad he already let it go… I play quite fine the next few moves, but let go a double-double T(AR)TANINg (86), what was I thinking! A total of 3 bingos from me – SlIMIER (85), TERRITS (71) and PENDULES% (65+5). I make a careless mistake, not looking at the blank carefully – I play JAM/ATE/MEr* accidentally and it’s challenged off. But by then I’ve already won.

Win 431-379
Bingos 3-1
Best moves 6/12

Game 8 vs Jessie
Didn’t draw very well this game. She generally scores OK, with 2 bingos – RESTORER (60) and sLANDER (73). I bingo twice myself – SATINET (83+5) and DOULeIA (76). Not very well played (and one phony, IURES*, but left unchallenged), but I figure I’m tired.

Lose 385-431
Bingos 2-2
Best moves 7/13

In general day 1 wasn’t well played, but I don’t think I deserved the luck I got. More on day 2 soon.

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