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PW Rants

“Along the lines of” is colloquial! One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

Am experimenting with a new Poll feature on my blog, which can potentially poll on more controversial Scrabble issues. For those using RSS feeds to check blog updates, you may want to visit and cast a vote. One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

My own 15 games.. (Part 1)

While you all tourney participants had 15 games in two days, I had a more relaxed schedule! This is fundamentally speaking an account of a Scrabbling spree from the 31st Aug to 2nd Sep – encompassing a Toa Payoh Practice, a Jurong Green Practice and another informal practice during the primary/ secondary school competition. Shall […]

Impact of a year in JC

I believe in logic and reason, over faith and insecurities. I also believe in science and technicalities, over humanities and ideologies. I believe that one can’t criticise an argument based on its rhetoric. I also believe that rhetorics should be pointed out anyway in such criticisms. I believe in egotistical hedonism. I also believe in […]

Photos uploaded!

Got the photos here. Once again, password for viewing is “weibin”. Probably best to view in slideshow format – though there are some very corny captions there (nothing to say about them!). Anyway some photos of note: The tournament venue. Not too breezy, not too cold, possibly warm and smoky, but extremely quiet. pF(E)NNIGE (163) […]

Now that the tourney is over, blogging can begin. That’s all. EDIT: Everything that is good comes with something bad.With numbers, we get information about our life expectancy.With language, we get vulgarities.With Scrabble, we get NBY (private joke only intended for project members!) Am generally satisfied and relieved that it is over. Pictures up soon. […]