Impact of a year in JC

I believe in logic and reason, over faith and insecurities.

I also believe in science and technicalities, over humanities and ideologies.

I believe that one can’t criticise an argument based on its rhetoric.

I also believe that rhetorics should be pointed out anyway in such criticisms.

I believe in egotistical hedonism.

I also believe in altruism.

I believe in giving something what it deserves.

I also believe in receiving what you deserve.

I believe in adrenalin rushes.

I also believe in peace with mind and body.

I believe, perhaps atheistically, in the strength of humans.

I also believe, perhaps religiously, in the weakness of humans.

I believe in the maturity of the adult mind.

I also believe in the innocence of the child.

I believe that I’m not a “nice” person, by some definitions.

I also believe that I’m a “nice” person, by some definitions.

I believe in causal links, when it comes to myself.

I also believe in the power of luck, when it comes to others.

I believe I am common in the eyes of others.

I also believe that I am unique in my own eyes.

Yet all of this is only belief. What has this year taught you to believe?

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

P.S. That’s one post. Will probably be back to posting on Scrabble next.

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