My own 15 games.. (Part 1)

While you all tourney participants had 15 games in two days, I had a more relaxed schedule! This is fundamentally speaking an account of a Scrabbling spree from the 31st Aug to 2nd Sep – encompassing a Toa Payoh Practice, a Jurong Green Practice and another informal practice during the primary/ secondary school competition. Shall do analysis of the games here – they weren’t particularly well played but it doesn’t matter.

HDB Practice – Friday
Game 1 vs LKB

We arrived at HDB very early – 3:10 pm, and no one else was there. Having nothing to do, we went to play a bit of cheap arcade (got owned at pretty much everything there, including Daytona) till bout 4. HDB was going to end early (8 pm) so we started playing early.

Kian Boon starts with QI (22), opening the space up for my wonder draw of CDENOSY/QIS (80+5). Although we have no dictionary to check this (cupboard locked, can’t get dictionary out), I’m 100% sure of it so I get the five points. He bites back with LORY (42) to the triple word though. I draw the blank with ?GMOOTV, and play OM(O)V (11) at the wrong spot – could have been better strategically located. Thankfully I’m only punished with a WANIE(R) (28). Draw DIT from the bag and that leads to DeGIORT (79). The score is 175 to 92 at this point.

He scores again with a “cheapo” JEW (41), and I make the best choice of FLAP (32). I make 2 suboptimal choices in the next 2 moves, but the first (BRASS) was made to block the board a little more (over-defensiveness) and the second was due to unsureness… need to brush up on my short words. Meanwhile he’s facing vowel trouble – PIA(N)O (32), AMIE (21), OE (23)…

Get my lucky break later when he opens (desperately?) with HAUTE (21), paving the way for SUZER(A)IN (124). At that point the score is 405 to 230 – no hope for him.

Win 484 to 370
Myself ?SSSSZ KB ?JKX (a lucky break)

Game 2 vs Hubert

Hubert arrives after I play SUZERAIN, and well I play him next. This game is one of the rare games I lose where I bingo first… though I certainly deserved it – didn’t play well this time.

Hubert starts with ADZED% (34), opening for CRENATED (78), which is played because I’m not very sure of CANTERED. I’m duly punished as I draw 3 O’s from the bag, two of which I dump with COON (18), but a suboptimal move nonetheless. From then on I’m unable to score – racks vary from AEEOOOW to EEGHPPQ, while he continually punishes me with VERITAS (84), YUM (30) and HOGmANE (92). The score is 320 to 199 at that point, but I pull back a little with AmITIES (73). I think I deal with bad racks quite badly.

Lose 350-495
Myself ?QSX Hubert ?JKSSSZ

Game 3 vs LKB

Play KB again because the rest are involved in games. Starting rack is BCDEIOW and I play the right move – BOWED (28) after contemplating for a while whether BOW may be better. He opens a double double with BULLET (16), and I make a good draw of ?AEIN. However I miss (L)ImACINE and am unsure of (L)ACINIaE (talk about qualifying for Causeway Premier)… at least I get (D)IACtINE down for 80, reeking of WYSC.

Later I make a miss of ?DEKOPS (blank wasn’t O, duh) but get down DOWE(R)iES (84+5), suboptimal considering I missed an S hook (don’t know why I was so blur at that time). Later I try my hand at blocking the board with an unorthodox (DORT)S/STAVI(N)G (23) as he seems to make desperate openings, and am somehow rewarded with luck – get down HOAR(I)EST for 65. Gg Xx Rm.

Win 497-327
Myself ??SSSSJKQX Kian Boon Z (wootz t3h luck)

Game 4 vs Ming Wei

At this point of time, HDB is getting crowded – too bad it’s ending so early. I elect to play Ming Wei, since I haven’t played him much before. Generally the game goes smoothly except that I again face problems with the blanks. I also lose quite a bit of equity because I am unsure of A(GAZED). I manage to luck out three bingos in a row – WARTLE(S)s (61), APNOEAs (76) and PUT(A)TIVE (78), and he doesn’t manage to do anything to catch up.

Win 439-343
Myself ??JKZ Ming Wei SSSSQX

So, four games and one loss. We adjourn to the Macdonalds after the practice and start a game, hopefully to attract public interest (and get more to join our tourney). There I witness GH and Ming Wei play – however not much public crowd is attracted. Probably because we’re in a fast food restaurant and not in a library.

JG Practice – Saturday
Game 1 vs Marcus

Drop by JG after Scouts and I get to play Marcus, who is waiting for an opponent at the moment. This game is played quite well, though not as perfectly as I’d desire (I don’t have perfect games, btw). I start with BOXEN (34) and immediately regret my choice as he plays uNRO(O)FED (94), reminiscent of his recent SG Open conquests. (Luckily he doesn’t scare me with “I bingo” before he plays the tiles down…) After that I am down by 60, but manage to catch up with ZAP (44), FEND (24) and AJAR (29) while he only manages CURB (24), TEA (15) and UM (12).

Obviously he seems to be fishing but that doesn’t stop me from getting down OVE(R)AGED (84). He replies with TELIC (27+5) which I challenge due to momentary forgetfulness. Three turns later, I play RUSTIER (73) and seal it with a suboptimal TiMELIE(R), in which MoTELIE(R) would have been better (I opened a out bingo for him, ADVIS(i)NG, which he misses probably because the I is the blank).

Win 517-385
Myself ?SSSJQXZ Marcus ?SK

Game 2 vs Marcus

Not exactly a very well-played game, so I won’t describe this game much (because I am prejudiced towards having good play). He starts with WAIVE (30) and I reply with QUILT (36), missing possible dumps of the Y like EQUITY (46). Weak! Later I am happy to get AGLEY (35) which he opens. The game is thrown towards my favour when I play DePART(E)D (76), missing two bingos the turn before (but on a relatively harder rack… then again =@), but he skins me with a sKINNER (82). Luckily I bring him back into the ZONE (51), but he tries to bribe me with some COCA (30). OK enough crap and I jump into the firm lead again with SINGERS (71), winning the game.

Win 444-356
Myself ?SSSSQZ Marcus ?JKX

Will continue soon.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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