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My answers to Quiz 1 and 2

Quiz 1 Certainly not a crazy 9-15 letter bingo here – the question being what’s the best way to catch up on such a huge deficit. There is one bingo line open, and it is difficult to predict Cheah’s rack based on his previous move. There are a few ways to tackle this. One is […]


29 October 2007 And the WYSC Representatives are… Ong Suanne, Khoo Beng Way, William Kang, Ramaraj Sundaraj, Benjamin Cheong, Sean Chung, Scott Chung, and Alvin Lau have successfully qualified as the eight Malaysian representatives for WYSC2007 in Johor Bahru. Ong Suanne, who will also be playing at the WSC2007 in Mumbai, emerged as champion of […]

JG Mini Report

Was quite lucky to eke out a win yesterday, although I had more than my fair share of luck… especially against Hubert with an ISC-style 3-bingo-in-3-turns streak. Possibly another factor to contribute to this is the absence of phonies this tournament – a relatively strong statistic compared to the previous tourneys. Arrived at the venue […]

Nothing much

I don’t know what to update for now, life has been full of ups and downs, and no one has tried answering the quiz so I’m not about to post the answers =S. One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

Quizzes from The Serangoon Mini

Got some endgame situations in the mini – one against Cheah and the other against GH. Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Click to enlarge them. Find the best move in both scenarios and, if you’re kind enough, post a comment (leaving your name, please). Refer to the first situation as “Quiz 1” and the second as […]

Serangoon Mini

Have not done analysis yet, but will give a brief description of the games. I’ve abandoned the 15 game thing I was doing – don’t think I want to finish all the games, it’s too tiring blogging. I intend to change my blog address to (howbeit is taken) – will be effected within a […]