Quizzes from The Serangoon Mini

Got some endgame situations in the mini – one against Cheah and the other against GH.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Click to enlarge them.

Find the best move in both scenarios and, if you’re kind enough, post a comment (leaving your name, please). Refer to the first situation as “Quiz 1” and the second as “Quiz 2”. Add 5 points to my score on quiz 2.

The first is possibly winnable, the second is not – however there are moves that will maximise your winning chances, assuming my opponent falters a little.

Here are some more stats from the games:

  • Bingos – 17, 4 of which are suboptimal
  • Bingo misses – 5, 1 of which is a 9 letter (pretty bad statistic)
  • Phonies – 3 (possibly an improvement, but still far from good)
  • Phonies unchallenged – 2, both against Tony
  • Average score: 447.12 (second highest)
  • Average opponent score: 429.50

And some quirks:

  • Best word played IMO was TANIWHA by Andy. Wouldn’t have spotted it for sure.
  • Ricky commented that more than 75% of the players in Division A had an average of 2 or more bingos per game. Kian Boon was the bingo king with 20 bingos – the total number of bingos played in the division was 131, with 8 players in 8 games.
  • Division B was much drier in terms of bingos, with 61 bingos for 6 players in 8 games. Less than 1.5 bingos per player in each game!
  • Many unchallenged phony bingos: ranging from UNWARED and BISTATES to the absurd FOILERS and even POSTLAB! Tony tops the lot, with 2 phony (unchallenged) bingos in one game.
  • Other interesting words: ISCHEMIA/ DAMSONS by Cheah, RENDZINA by Andy, ZAPATEO by Kian Boon, UPTOWNER by Hubert, LAVEMENT by GH.
  • The spread margin for Division A follows the positions exactly.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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