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Going to Malaysia for about a week for two tourneys – Causeway Open (30-2) and WYSC (4-6). This will be the first time I play in Causeway.. and from what I hear there are late nights playing, and a strong field. As said before, I aim to finish in the top 5 for both tourneys, […]

Upcoming Tourneys

25 Nov 2007 – Yew Tee Scrabble Open Championship 2007* 30 Nov-2 Dec 2007 – 6th Causeway Challenge, Zon Regency Hotel JB* 4-6 Dec 2007 – 2007 World Youth Scrabble Championship, Zon Regency Hotel JBFrom Toucanet Camp has ended and it went fine, no mishaps or major hiccups so it’s alright. I am grateful to […]

WSC Finals

“the position of the taped-down racks was adjusted for symmetry” OMG LUZ NO FENGSHUI Edit: *thinks Ganesh lost because of HMM and HE* 2nd Edit: Congrats Nigel! Though you won’t read this for sure One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

This guy must be somewhat good at Scrabble

Asirvatham played #5 Asanka Amarasinghe (LKA) and won 476 to 337 (a spread of 139). Current ranking: #12. Current record: 1-0, +139. Asirvatham played #2 Olajide Ademola Ajayi (IRL) and won 573 to 350 (a spread of 223). Current ranking: #36. Current record: 2-2, +233. Asirvatham played #38 Helen Gipson (Eng) and won 549 to […]

Poll Results

Who do you think is more likely to reach the finals? (multiple selections) 11 votesBenjamin Chow9 votes Liew Kian Boon Ong Suanne 6 votes Any Thai Qualifier 5 votes Lee Guan Hui Scott Chung Sng Weirong Joshua 4 votes Chia Guo Cong Lim Li Wei 3 votes Khoo Beng WayOthers Sean Chung 2 votes Alvin […]


Hmm interesting… 5 games played so far and there are very interesting results. Edward is at the top (but 5 games played only), Nigel is doing well (yes, 5 games played only), Singapore is not doing very well (YES, 5 GAMES ONLY!!!) Even better are some of the commentaries I have seen… ask me about […]