Poll Results

Who do you think is more likely to reach the finals? (multiple selections)

11 votes
Benjamin Chow
9 votes

Liew Kian Boon
Ong Suanne

6 votes

Any Thai Qualifier

5 votes

Lee Guan Hui

Scott Chung

Sng Weirong Joshua
4 votes

Chia Guo Cong

Lim Li Wei

3 votes

Khoo Beng Way

Sean Chung

2 votes

Alvin Lau

Kum Zi Peng

K Dorai Raja
1 vote

Benjamin Cheong

Mohammed Zafar Ali (EDIT: overaged)

Ramaraj Sundaraj

William Kang
out of responses from 25 voters
Looks like it will be an exciting WYSC finals. I am putting my bet on K Dorai Raja, he is a tough opponent.

Some of the votes will possibly shift around after WSC – probably an increased vote for Suanne and Zafar. Kian Boon looks pretty strong going into Causeway and WYSC and I think he stands a decent chance. It is intriguing that Scott got 2 more votes than his older brother, though admittedly he is on ISC more (and maybe this contributes to his vast popularity).

Then again the players surveyed come mostly from Singapore and Malaysia – as is the concentration of the readers coming to this blog. Perhaps a player not listed here (under “Others”) will get to the finals.

The WSC has been nothing short of exciting, though I will reserve comments on the results and my predictions. For those who don’t know the link you may visit the webpage at http://live.wscgames.com/2007/index.html – many games to look at and maybe critique. It will not be easy for Singapore to clinch its fourth spot now, although Hubert is doing extremely well – better than his target of finishing in the top 20.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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