Monthly Archives: December 2007

Quiz Answers

Camp’s over and no new replies, so I’ll just post up on the answers! Quiz 5 The very first thing that should be noted is that the scorelines are really very close. This move should have a dual emphasis on score and leave – you still don’t need a bingo to win. Z(A) wins this […]

To all faithful readers of the blog..

Merry Christmas! (just realised I wished no one with that) No one with second opinions for the quizzes? One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

Fishing Quizzes!

For those who follow the Quackle’s style well, it’s interesting to note that it’s a good fisher – more often than not dropping points to draw good next turn. This is ONE of the reasons why I drop equity sometimes – playing bad fishes (Tony should remember the ones I did, which were all pretty […]

Tracking the year (Singapore only)

28th Jan – 3/224th Feb – 4/8(missed all tourneys in between?!?!)22nd Jul – 8/2316th Sep – 5/87th Oct – 4/828th Oct – 1/825th Nov – 7/15 (Lucky draw!)16th Dec – 1/8 OK, I didn’t win something each tourney as I thought, but I think it’s been a decent year for me, finishing in the top […]

Session at Hubert’s Place

Yesterday was spent at Hubert’s place for a Hari Raya (Haji?) celebration. I don’t know these festivals too well so I’m unsure about the dates.. well it was INTENDED to be non-Scrabble, but given that (1) all the people invited play Scrabble (2) there really isn’t much to do, unless you hog Hubert’s labtop laptop […]

The Classic Luck-out

Average for: 450.5Average against: 371 Bingos for: 19Bingos against: 8 (!!!) Blanks: 10/16 (OK, maybe that’s why)S: 22/32 (This is THE statistic)J: 1/8 (Average points netted: 95 for JaUNTIER)Q: 6/8 (Average points netted: 30.5)K: 3/8 (Average points netted: 27)X: 2/8 (Average points netted: 43.5)Z: 5/8 (Average points netted: 57.2, including CALORIZE 110) Phonies for (challenged): […]

Just managed to turn on the computer after about 10-20 attempts, so probably have to blog something while I still can! I’m playing in the mini in about an hour’s time, in a field of (something like) Cheah, KB, Ben, Tony, Marcus, Li Wei and possibly Andy/ Guo Cong… Hope to finish in the money! […]