Finals Analysis

I THINK I will be forced to write something for SA… but at the same time I probably need to say something about the games at the WYSC so I’ll just talk about the finals. Meanwhile if SA DOES need something please contact me so I can start writing before the holidays end. It will probably be in an email-able document.


Move 1

WB: ?AEPSTU – PUlSATE probably wasn’t a strong move and I knew it when I played it. Just wanted to end it quick, maybe if I was playing Hubert Wee I’d have done something different (like PEAnUTS or TAkEUPS).

SC: AUF is best and obvious at the same time.

Move 2

WB: REGULiNE missing REPUGNEd, ExPUNGER, REPlUNGE and PUREEiNG (unsure of the latter completely missed the first) was not great but people thought I did it because it doesn’t take S… and it gave me the 5 points. Poor play.

SC: EXEAT is not the best choice keeping GIS (one would desire less turnover because this leave can go really wrong). If he kept something better it’d have given him a much better chance to get back into the game.

Move 3

WB: TORAL is phony. Mixed up with TOLAR. Heck it’s 5 point anyway he won’t really challenge anything less than a bingo… but yet another poor play. I shouldn’t have been in the finals.

SC: Sean chooses to be unsure of DISSING and SIDINGS, playing DIS/ED/XIS/REGULINES* which gets challenged off.

Move 4

WB: BOON opens ABOON and leaves a good rack of AERT. Though I personally prefer OBA.

SC: SIDINGS goes down, which I challenge to make sure. DISSING is not exactly an acceptable miss.

Move 5

WB: RATOONER is best and obvious again.

SC: Rack is not ADDEEHT as shown but my rack on the next turn FIKLNOV, and he plays FOLK missing the superior VOLK. 2 niner lines open now and I probably need to close at least one of them.

Move 6

WB: NOW my rack is ADDEEHT. Saw both ADHERED and DEARTH but chose the latter because I felt the DE synergy was decent. Simulates very closely to ADHERED (anywhere from 0.10% above to 0.10% below in winning percentage) but probably is weaker because of the points.

SC: Missing WAQF drops a lot of equity, but the concept is partially right – get rid of the Q. Other choices like TWIN for 28 would make throwing the Q less important, though.

Move 7

WB: Rack is DEEOSTT not DDEOSTT as shown. FETTED and DEFTEST simulate better than FETED. I think FETED would sim worse than FETTED but better than DEFTEST on the correct rack.

SC: Tough move here and he makes a semi-decent choice, not opening any lines up for himself though.

Move 8

WB: OVOLO is a poor miss. Didn’t even see it when looking back at the game. It is strategically better too because I am in danger of catchup if I open another line.

SC: Keeping the W is not the best choice – TWINY does much better in terms of score and leave.

Move 9

WB: Best on equity but poor on simulation. JOES opens easy scoring lines (which I noticed). Something like JETS would have made it much better, leaving the O for myself for scoring next turn. Or, as Quackle suggests, a fish.

SC: Extremely intelligent choice by Quackle. No As left in the bag (no Os) and best move is to keep the A for scoring or bingo next turn. (possible WINGMAN) WINNA kills a lot of space and has high turnover, but seems like the natural choice for anybody who doesn’t look at the tracking sheet (I don’t always do that).

Move 10

WB: Best and pretty obvious given the next few choices.

SC: Best moves are not the easiest spots. HWYL is average.

Move 11

WB: Wanted to minimise turnover but ICH is still inferior to other plays with more turnover. I also thought there might have been a playable bingo for him (who knows he’s Mr. Quackle) so I didn’t empty the bag. There are no playable bingos.

SC: VRIL gives me DITZ, but the “best move” on the website simulation RIFE still gives me DITZ through the I. The second choice RIN gives me ZIT and a blockable MILDER.

Move 12

WB: Straightforward.

SC: C(O)R(I)NG is best but not an easy spot.

Move 13

WB: Straightfoward.

I am not going to calculate equity losses because I think the loss for this game will be pretty high. In general I think he might have played a little better than me this round but I couldn’t care less because I got too lucky to care about how I played (kinda like the TARVENS* shit). Maybe I could have extended the spread.

Game 2 coming up sometime.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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