WYSC – Summary (based on no analysis done yet)

Finalists: Toh Weibin (SIN) and Sean Chung (MAL)

Should-have-been finalists: Benjamin Chow (SIN) and Ong Suanne (MAL)

Finishing position: 1st

Should-have-been finishing position: 3rd, 4th or 5th

Estimated average equity loss a game: >100

Estimated average challenges a game (by opponents): 2

Estimated average challenges a game (by myself): <1

Estimated average phonies a game: 0.5 (!!!)

Estimated bingo misses for the whole tourney: 5

Estimated suboptimal bingo choices for the whole tourney: 10

Estimated unsure words a game: 3

Overall grade: still suck

Big thankyous to:

Organisers, especially Karen and Wilma for holding and directing such a wonderful tournament,

Singaporean Scrabble for giving me adequate (not adequent*) practice and space to improve (though not by much) in 1 year,

Singaporean kids especially, because you suck and you teach me how to improve (because I suck worse),

WSC (and David), for telling me that I can get a high finishing in a tourney though I’m not very good,

Alpha/ Ben for massively spamming anagrams the night before WYSC (didn’t use any of them though except DRIBLET which I’d find anyway),

Various players like David, Hubert, Edward, Tony, Cheah, Suanne, Joshua (in no order of merit) for commentary, encouragement and support (in words and strategy) before, during and after the tournament,

Annotators, especially Jocelyn who encouraged me not to phony (OOPS),

Anyone else who helped in a way or another.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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