Finals Analysis (Continued)

Edit: New poll on the blog!


Move 1

SC: Placement of HUI is wrong – should expose the U instead. Placing it at 8F also ensures that back hooks to HUI (A, C, S) don’t hit the DWS so quickly.

WB: Poor placement considering I thought it scored exactly the same. Surprisingly only loses a little on winning percentage (I considered it less open than the higher-scoring option).

Move 2

SC: Best and obvious.

WB: Once again weak placement probably due to lack of prior thinking.

Move 3

SC: Best again. He is playing acceptably to this point.

WB: Did not choose NAILING for defence, but ANVILING probably cut it better.

Move 4

SC: Best.

WB: Miss EPITH(E)MA (back hook of EPITHEM) but pretty forgivable, though not in equity (50 points loss)

Move 5

SC: BANDITO doesn’t play. Sean misses the opener play of BANDIT N10 which he needs to catch up.

WB: If known PATIKI is a good option however simulations rate PITTA above it… Interesting time to think about defence.

Move 6

SC: JORUM > JUROR, not much need to discuss this.

WB: Weirdly enough WRICK simulates (on the webpage) worse than the other options, FROCK, WRACK and even FRACK. Do not really understand this choice.

Move 7

SC: If GLIFT is known it is best, if not there is really no need to keep the L considering there are still many in bag.

WB: Best and obvious.

Move 8

SC: Best.

WB: Best and again obvious.

Move 9

SC: TIL(E) is a good opening considering he’s behind. He still leaves another line open at 15A.

WB: ZO(ONO)MIC is not a very forgivable miss. DITZ looks preferable to ADZ on the account that it is more defensive. But it doesn’t matter now..

Move 10

SC: Easily best.

WB: I agree that OF may be better than FIE.. but FICE doesn’t seem to be that great especially since it opens scoring opportunities to him.

Move 11

SC: If he doesn’t wish to fish (playing QI) QAT at the other spot is more desirable, considering you have the only available front hook of TE in your rack.

WB: Poor miss of COMBWIS(E) and another poor move. Who cares?

Move 12

SC: Don’t really know what the simulation is talking about but GED doesn’t look too horrid.

WB: Any out-in-two combination would suffice.

Move 13

SC: Not much choice there.

WB: Best.

Another game where I get outplayed by Sean but still win given my tiles. I think I’d have played better if I didn’t underestimate him. Game 3 coming up.

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