The Classic Luck-out

Average for: 450.5
Average against: 371

Bingos for: 19
Bingos against: 8 (!!!)

Blanks: 10/16 (OK, maybe that’s why)
S: 22/32 (This is THE statistic)
J: 1/8 (Average points netted: 95 for JaUNTIER)
Q: 6/8 (Average points netted: 30.5)
K: 3/8 (Average points netted: 27)
X: 2/8 (Average points netted: 43.5)
Z: 5/8 (Average points netted: 57.2, including CALORIZE 110)

Phonies for (challenged): 3
Phonies against (challenged): 3
Phonies for (unchallenged): 1
Phonies against (unchallenged): 0 (not that I know of)

Unsuccessful challenges for: 2
Unsuccessful challenges against: 3

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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