Session at Hubert’s Place

Yesterday was spent at Hubert’s place for a Hari Raya (Haji?) celebration. I don’t know these festivals too well so I’m unsure about the dates.. well it was INTENDED to be non-Scrabble, but given that (1) all the people invited play Scrabble (2) there really isn’t much to do, unless you hog Hubert’s labtop laptop (3) there’s a lot of space for Scrabble equipment we all played more Scrabble than anything else. Yen Nee brought Gin Rummy to ease some of the pain (sorry just heard “And anytime you feel the pain” on music so…), but since Tony was there I opted to play Scrabble with him instead (he rarely goes for practices, only saw him at TPY once).

I played 7 games in total, winning 6 of them – I’m pretty satisfied, given that I played Tony 3 times, Hubert twice, Guo Cong once and Yen Nee once (all possible Mil Cup opponents, if I go!). On analysis however (yes, I look at my practice games more than my tournament games), I didn’t play that great (as usual), mistakes being mostly from bad fishes (or rather suboptimal fishes), lack of knowledge about consonant/ vowel-balance leave values (e.g. when consonant-heavier leaves are better than balanced leaves) and lack of knowledge about which vowels to keep. Of course there were a few mistakes made due to pure indifference to the game (e.g. when I was too far ahead) but they are of less concern.

Conclusion: I need a lot of luck to win, and also something like 1 year (to get a little better).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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