Tracking the year (Singapore only)

28th Jan – 3/22
4th Feb – 4/8
(missed all tourneys in between?!?!)
22nd Jul – 8/23
16th Sep – 5/8
7th Oct – 4/8
28th Oct – 1/8
25th Nov – 7/15 (Lucky draw!)
16th Dec – 1/8

OK, I didn’t win something each tourney as I thought, but I think it’s been a decent year for me, finishing in the top half most of the time and winning the recent ones (not that I blame myself so much for finishing 5/8 in G8, I consider that field to be the strongest field I’ve been in this year INCLUDING Causeway and WYSC).

I missed quite a few tourneys (more than I thought also) and I’ll be missing more next year due to exams. I’m considering Penang or Bangkok as a mid-year-de-stress thing. Probably not though…

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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