Fishing Quizzes!

For those who follow the Quackle’s style well, it’s interesting to note that it’s a good fisher – more often than not dropping points to draw good next turn. This is ONE of the reasons why I drop equity sometimes – playing bad fishes (Tony should remember the ones I did, which were all pretty pathetic upon simulation). Thankfully I didn’t do THAT bad at JG practice yesterday with the fishes, with a lot more careful consideration before making each move.

Here are 3 puzzles that come from one practice game at JG yesterday. Each puzzle tests a different strategy, and the answers may not be as obvious as they seem.

Please do them in order as the puzzles come from the same game (and hence my move will be shown), and take note that the move played may NOT be the right move (because I make mistakes, duh). One or two of the puzzles are more controversial than the others. Post your answers in comments, referring to each quiz by its number (click to enlarge).

Answers when there are sufficient replies.

Quiz 5

Quiz 6

Quiz 7

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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