Monthly Archives: January 2008

La la how the life goes on

Believe it or not, I found the past few weeks of my life particularly fulfilling. A decent amount of work (“work” usually implies Mathematics in my context) done, some reading completed (in preparation for the research papers/ studies mostly), research proposals at least halfway finished. Listening to classic tracks ripped from CDs, getting a few […]

After going through the PA games…

I think in order for Singapore to do somewhat good at Causeway this year (i.e. not to drop out), our premier team should consist of any 5 of these players, the closer to the top, the better (in order of my preference): – Hubert– Cheah– Tony– JP– Ben– Andy– Marlon– Guo Cong– Kian Boon– Alpha– […]

PA “Fun” Tourney and more

Tourney on Sunday was really not much of a tournament, given the number of games and the field – but not much of a surprise considering that the organisers (People’s Association) didn’t know much about the game (and that 6 games is hardly enough to separate the players in any way – 4 players ended […]