After going through the PA games…

I think in order for Singapore to do somewhat good at Causeway this year (i.e. not to drop out), our premier team should consist of any 5 of these players, the closer to the top, the better (in order of my preference):

– Hubert
– Cheah
– Tony
– JP
– Ben
– Andy
– Marlon
– Guo Cong
– Kian Boon
– Alpha
– Ricky
– Myself

Course this (admittedly controversial) list is not static and will change as people get better or worse over the year. So please change the qualification criteria and send the Singaporean “All-Star” team (i.e. top 5) this year! It’s still nothing compared to the Thai All-Star team – although realistically speaking we should be aiming to stay in next year (rather than aiming to win).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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