I want to ride my bicycle

Right, so I figure I should end this Scrabble-blogthing in some way, especially since I’m breaking from Scrabble (tournaments) for the year. So here’s the official declaration: there very probably won’t be any Scrabble posts here for some time, or even any posts at all (since I’m not accustomed to blogging about life stuff).

Just to answer some possible questions about why I’m stopping for the time being – no it’s not because of my under-par performance at the Mill Cup; I don’t quit because of minor setbacks like that. Analysis showed that I didn’t play badly in most games (in fact probably better than how I played at WYSC) so there is absolutely no reason to quit because “I didn’t do well” – that would be entirely naive.

I’ve stopped playing because of two reasons. Number one, given my combination in school, it is highly desirable that I take a university course overseas (as compared to any art/ social science course in Singapore, which is not my intention at all); and I’d like to spend whatever time I can manage on work, so I stand as high a chance as possible of qualifying for a scholarship (without which I can probably forget about going overseas). Scrabble tournaments either take 1 or 2 days of your time, and it’s usually the Sundays that can be the most productive in terms of work (because it’s a full day) – it’s just not worth sacrificing the Sundays in the hope that you will win some money/ gain some rating points, where you could be doing so much more about your life.

Number two (this is an extremely minor point in comparison with the first), if I want to play Scrabble, I want to play good Scrabble. I want to be able to spend time on improving my word knowledge; I want to play the game well. As of now, this isn’t happening. I spend very little time on perfecting my game. I’ve been lacking the minimum level of preparedness in tournaments from half a year ago. I still make the same mistakes that I used to make a year ago. It’s not exactly saying that “I’m playing bad and so I’m stopping”, rather it’s “I don’t have time/ can’t be bothered to get myself to play better, at least not now”. One thing I’ve realised after such a long time playing is that Scrabble is a very difficult game to play well (and from my POV, not many people in Singapore can do it). Maybe I will have more time to improve my play in the future.

I’ll still be at practice/ on ISC from time to time, because it is much more relaxing than playing at tournaments, and at the same time it consumes much less time than the average tourney does.

Well, obviously I’ll be back posting about Scrabble once I start playing again, which will probably be after the As (or maybe by then I’d have moved on to something else, who knows). You may expect one or two posts about school from time to time. For now I wish every reader a Happy Chinese New Year (if you’re Chinese) or some luck in Scrabble.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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