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On WWE and "Wrestlemania Day"

Figured I’ll just blog about this before I sleep. People who know me well probably know I’m an almost-diehard fan of the WWE. Yes, I absolutely agree, watching the WWE may not be the most glamorous thing to do; it’s a violent (and sometimes real violent, if you see what people shriek at nowadays) version […]

A lot of economics in online media this week, understandably..

I think these reports should generally be understandable for the college student (like me). On regulation On government intervention Russia and oil: Argentina and taxes, notably on farming:

Updates just to keep this going

EDIT: I think headings would be useful for this longish post. I guess life has been going on fine, with a pretty frenetic studying period in the one week preceding the Block Tests, then the Block Tests (which only lasted for 3 days), and finally the one-week break which really is much more of a […]

Look, the UK is ‘catching up’ too..

Pupils ‘to take allegiance oath’ One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

From NEws (Weekly Edition), brought to you by nexus (see

In Singapore…where is Mas Selamat? Following the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari, the leader of the JI terrorist group, from the Whitley Road Detention Centre, some Singaporeans have been critical of the security lapse. As one Singaporean put it, “As a regular public transport commuter, thousands of other Singaporeans and I hear and see daily, […]

PM/MM’s Response

There’s reason to believe that the PM ( and MM’s responses were crafted specifically in response to the concerns iterated in the alternative media sources, though I probably don’t have the time to bring this further (if anything, I’m bored of reading about this). And the missing “independent” from “inquiry” in the Channel 5 News […]


We kill each fly individually so we will never be swarmed. We preach the virtues of knowledge, yet we surround ourselves in ignorance and apathy; after all ignorance is bliss (and ignorance is safe?). We recover from every fall; only because we cover every pit before we move. We make sure everyone is afraid to […]