We kill each fly individually so we will never be swarmed. We preach the virtues of knowledge, yet we surround ourselves in ignorance and apathy; after all ignorance is bliss (and ignorance is safe?). We recover from every fall; only because we cover every pit before we move. We make sure everyone is afraid to question; but it’s really only because we’re petrified to answer.

If we don’t spread the message ourselves, who will? Will the future generations remain the unknowing, uncaring, ultimately selfish people that (I think) we are? Will the tyranny of the majority (minority, really?) course through our veins eternally, dictating every facet of our ‘boundless’ imagination? When will we really be free to question, free to choose?

Then again, the tides ebb and flow, and the cycle repeats; the show must go on – maybe it is still not our time to change anything. Perhaps we will leave it to the people of tomorrow, and the generations after us will do the same, living in the “normality” that we stay loyal to; as people always say, no news is good news.

I’m exceptionally grateful to the Internet community on this; if it hasn’t opened my mind, it has at least caught my attention and interest. Thanks to those who share at their own cost; even if you guys aren’t the heroes, we know who the villains are :).

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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