PM/MM’s Response

There’s reason to believe that the PM ( and MM’s responses were crafted specifically in response to the concerns iterated in the alternative media sources, though I probably don’t have the time to bring this further (if anything, I’m bored of reading about this). And the missing “independent” from “inquiry” in the Channel 5 News report might either have been a blameless slip, a Freudian slip, or a conscious acknowledgment of what people are saying out there. Anyway I’m hoping that the responses were intended at cooling the flames online, because that would mean a heightened awareness of dissatisfaction, and an active attempt at mitigating it. Maybe they looked across the border and saw where alternative media took people. (

Anyway, politics are entirely not of anyone’s concern, so I’ll head back to the mundane life where the block tests are coming in one week (then someone says “HP need to study meh”), where rote (yes, even in Economics, you LORMS markers [sic., hope I don’t get detention without trial for this!]) is favoured over genuine academic interest, where everyone speaks of looming “judgment” (which is actually far from judgment upon closer examination, gee, how punny that was), and ultimately, where we’ll all develop into the good faithful wage earners with strong family bonds and all that cal.

I wish I could really be cynical about the whole system here but there’s too much in it for me, and if I let out too much I would end up on the wrong side of things (as I think I did, last year) and appear absolutely irrational. Moreover, not everything wrong in education is systemic; there’s the dangerously social element in things that befuddles them and changes what’s blameworthy. So whatever – I don’t know if there are like-minded people out there, but it’s plausible that they’re keeping their mouths (and minds) shut.

P.S. Woohoo! I finally discover that I can justify blog entries! Now that’s MUCH neater.

One for all, All for one, Venturez’ 06

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