On WWE and "Wrestlemania Day"

Figured I’ll just blog about this before I sleep. People who know me well probably know I’m an almost-diehard fan of the WWE. Yes, I absolutely agree, watching the WWE may not be the most glamorous thing to do; it’s a violent (and sometimes real violent, if you see what people shriek at nowadays) version of a soap opera, with countless feuds being replayed and modified over the years. I’ve watched it from the time I was in primary school (in fact it might even have been early primary school, if that’s an embarrassing fact about myself), and have generally been following the storylines closely.

Recently though, the WWE is losing its appeal to me – yes, surprise surprise, I’m not that crazy about the things that go on there anymore, though I’m still pretty interested in the happenings there. The blame for this goes to three parties – Cable TV providers, the WWE itself and me. Singapore used to telecast 3 kinds of WWE shows – the weekly 3 hour programmes of Raw and Smackdown, the weekly 1 hour summary/ discussion show (can’t remember the name), and the longer/ more spectacular Pay-Per-View (PPV) show, which usually comes monthly. The PPV shows showcase the resolutive matches; but they also signal the start of new conflicts – in short, they’re the most important matches in the month. Very unfortunately though, Starhub moved the PPV shows to the Demand TV channel (along with a bunch of other movies), which utilises a real pay-per-view (on television) system – hence if I were to watch a PPV show I’d have to pay something for it. And there is about no way I’d do so – firstly I don’t think I’m entitled to such extravagant demands (even if the entire family pretty much watches WWE too); secondly it’s possible to catch up on the results online (and with the next Raw/ Smackdown broadcast). Problem being that I realise I enjoy watching the WWE partially because of the PPV – it is the most electrifying, most extreme and ultimately most entertaining part of the WWE that will guarantee an adrenaline rush. Although the other shows may have their peaks at times, but they probably won’t be able to match the significance of a PPV.

IMHO, the past few years have seen a paradigm shift for the WWE’s content – to me, it no longer is about brilliant storylines, unique characterisations and wicked humour. Nowadays I see more promiscuity, uninspired conflicts and standard match results; even the personalities are getting boring – a deranged psychotic who will stop at nothing to achieve his ends, a proud and cocky champion who is unpopularly protective of his title, a sore loser who faults everything but himself; these have been recurring over the past few years, except in different people. Of course, it is always entertaining to watch a select few characters (I identify Triple H and The Undertaker), but that massively limits my enjoyment compared to the previous times, where I’d like watching everything (including tag team action, which is now extremely lacking in vibrant personality). I wonder whether the name change from WWF to WWE (supposedly signifying a greater emphasis on entertainment) was an ominous sign for things to come – maybe it’s trying too hard to provide entertainment that it’s missed out what has made it so successful over the years.

But the previous two points may really be void if it’s just a change in my own personality; maybe it’s just me being unable to appreciate this show business and its sometimes corny stories. It might have come with age, or busy schedules – I don’t have as much time to watch the shows anymore. Which brings me to my next point – I was recently reminded by my friend that I could, after all, watch PPVs on Youtube (it being the source of all goodness and evil). Of course, I can’t load Youtube videos on this computer (screwy internet) but I can use the computer inside and access them!

30th March (Sunday) is Wrestlemania night; Wrestlemania is an annual event usually termed as the “grandest stage of them all”, and it really is the biggest WWE event every year – it is the most spectacular and explosive display of technical excellence, and is also the impending judgment that awaits all undulating storylines. This year features a few great matches, though that pretty much happens every Wrestlemania heh. On what I term as “Wrestlemania Day” I’ll be tuning in to Youtube, probably for the whole day, just to catch the show! It will take a while for the vids to be uploaded though, so the day may very well be delayed :(.

Anyway X Japan Day went pretty good for me, I’m reading some postings about Night of Destruction (which probably ended a few hours ago) now. Sounds pretty epic (ART OF LIFE!!!11), though it might have been a little disappointing in comparison to some other live shows. Well of course, without hide :(. I’ll be looking out for the videos though! And two more nights of performances! I’ll probably tone down on the music because too much of it will kill me.

And uh yes, I have weird interests.

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