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Scrabble with 8 tiles?

I’d like to play a game of 8-tile Scrabble with somebody someday. Obviously the first implication would be that traditional racks won’t do (since they only fit 7 tiles); unless you’re talking about a bigger rack or smaller tiles. Maybe the SamRacks (is that what you call them?) can fit the tiles… if all else […]

On a social level

I’ve got to admit I was rather apprehensive about this whole HP thing when I first joined it bout one and a half years ago. There were classmates I didn’t really talk to much (though I knew they were awesome x10000 people anyway), primary schoolmates I wasn’t exactly familiar with, people who didn’t share my […]


I’m currently open to all genres of music (including songs in other languages). Anyone with recommendations (artists, songs, albums, even genres)?

Queen: We Will Rock You Musical Review

So, I’ve started writing about this bout half an hour after the musical, and frankly speaking the musical had some good points and some bad points (let’s just call it not-so-good points). I think that anyone who at least likes Bohemian Rhapsody would say the musical is good, but how good it is (and whether […]

What a bloody painful experience

Trying to get a Creative MuVo TX FM to work on my uncle’s Windows 98 laptop (for work purposes):– Plugging into USB port, find out that some driver is needed for it to be detected as a Removable Disk Drive– Trying to use the preset drivers available (including Storage Device, USB controller etc) and all […]

Another interesting article May follow up with something about the Block results soon.


CT Session

OK. I’ll be honest about what I thought about today’s CT Session. I felt that at least 70% (I’d like to say 100%) of the blame should be on the students themselves for dragging their own assembly (particularly this one) for so long. The students themselves already know from past experience that the man can […]


“Mr. Obama, it turns out, was a weak centrist. His balls rolled down the center of the lane, but much too slowly to knock over more than a half dozen or so pins.” NY Times Anyway council elections was pretty depressing, with a (Singaporean!) candidate being asked “Who would you vote for – Barack Obama, […]