What a bloody painful experience

Trying to get a Creative MuVo TX FM to work on my uncle’s Windows 98 laptop (for work purposes):
– Plugging into USB port, find out that some driver is needed for it to be detected as a Removable Disk Drive
– Trying to use the preset drivers available (including Storage Device, USB controller etc) and all of them failing/ ending up with blue screens
– Realising, after searching on Google, that I need a custom driver
– Downloading the custom driver from the Internet at a snail’s pace due to my connection (at best 30 kbps)
– Trying to get the driver over to the laptop:
>> Finding out that I need some mode of transfer from my desktop to the laptop (which has no internet connection)
>> Checking the laptop which has USB, Floppy and CD Drives
>> Checking the computer which has USB, CD-RW (not working) and other random drives
>> Noticing that I can’t get it over using thumb drive since I AM trying to install one, and also that I can’t get it over using Floppy (too large, and also no Floppy drive)
>> Tries out CD writing but to no avail, CD-RW drive isn’t even detected by the computer for some reason
>> OK, that’s fine, let’s try something else – I noticed that the laptop had infrared, so the next idea would be to get it to work with my phone! (i.e. go through the tedious process of transferring the file to the phone, then doing an infrared transfer to the computer)
>> Phone doesn’t have infrared, only BlueTooth. Bleah!
>> Never mind, I have more computers at home (one close by with a floppy drive). I turn it on (it has no working mouse, so I’m stuck with the keyboard but that isn’t that bad), transfer the driver to the computer using the thumbdrive (it has no internet connection too), and hope to magically transfer the disk to the floppy, then insert the floppy into the laptop.
>> Turns out that floppy disk that my sister passed to me (because I couldn’t find another one) wasn’t working, even if I tried formatting it. Floppy disks lag your computer.
>> All the while, the !@#*&@!#* problem being that I CAN’T MOVE 1.66 (or so) MB FROM ONE COMPUTER TO ANOTHER EVEN IF THEY’RE LESS THAN 2 METRES AWAY FROM EACH OTHER

Anticlimactic resolution:
– Find installation CD for the thumb (it’s actually an MP3 that I don’t use now) in some random drawer
– Install driver on laptop via CD
– Another byproduct of this being that the thumb, probably as a result of driver configurations, cannot be opened directly using Windows Explorer on my desktop (i.e. double clicking the drive to open the files in it). It has to “run with” Windows Explorer (i.e. selected from a list of programs), function as a Portable Media Device or something. (EDIT: formatted the drive and it’s alright now)

Wow, that’s a LOT of wasted effort and movement about the house. Just for getting a thumbdrive (and only one!) to work on the laptop.

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