Human Simulators, anyone?

Here’s a position I got from Quackle recently (recently meaning in the past hour).

Clearly, there are no playable bingoes in this rack, including the TA- possible extension. The J and the Z are unseen, and there is one tile left in the bag. Scoreline 369-406. There are evidently three possible ways to tackle this:

1) Do a fish, which means you probably have to open a line for yourself (the TA spot looks unenviable, whereas the V doesn’t seem appetising)
2) Score and attempt to catch up (keep in mind J and Z unseen, so it’s possible to trap either one of them)
3) Set up an unblockable opening for yourself (haven’t figured how this is possible as a winning solution yet)

The Speedy Player has an endgame solver now that is quite reliable. However, any simulation from Quackle isn’t perfect – it assumes that the moves played go according to Speedy Player’s judgement (which has little positional/ endgame awareness). Bearing this limitation in mind, I wasn’t able to find the “winning-est” play from mere simulations alone.

Here’s the challenge. Find the winning-est play from here, assuming that (1) you are playing a completely rational human player who will always maximise his winning chances (no person fits this bill, Nigel comes close) (2) you may draw any tile that is currently unseen (in the actual game, the tile was O). This in turn means
1) If you pick option 1 out of the three above, you should consider the possibility of your opponent blocking the bingo line.
2) If you pick option 2 or 3, you should look at possible counterstrategies which the opponent may adopt. (e.g. the opponent may have a playable VIZOR which may undermine any of your attempts at scoring)

Of course, if anyone knowledgeable enough could share how to simulate this on the computer with Quackle/ Maven (I don’t have Maven though), I’d be very grateful. If not, I’m looking for great human simulators out there!

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