[A]re there things that are flawed about aspects of our Democracy? No question about it. But democracy’s going to always be flawed as long as there are human beings involved in the process. It is seeking the highest in the human spirit, seeking the best in our moral code, in our ethics, in our ā€” in who and what we are as beings that, I think, is the constant pursuit, and democracy that is not attended to is democracy that will be lost, so I think that as long as the word democracy exists, and people want it, it’s going to have to consistently be attended to, because there will always be those who would seek to deny it or to diminish it or to destroy it, and we just have to be very vigilant. Anti-democracy… is a virus that exists, and pro-democracy is the antibody to that virus, and I think we have to become vigilant, and we have to stay on top of the issues of democracy and freedom.”

– Harry Belafonte, 2000

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