Monthly Archives: September 2008

G8 (or rather Windermere)

Turns out I didn’t do as badly as I thought, but did as badly as I thought at the same time. For almost all of the games (save one or two which comprised almost entirely bad play) I started off with bad racks, eventually turning them into consecutive good racks (and therefore consistent high scores). […]

Making computers simpler

Right, I’ve been experimenting a lot with software here and there on my Windows XP system over the past week or so and I’ve discovered some extremely useful software for the tech savvy. Many kudos to Lifehacker and gHacks, but yeah, I had to sift through many programs to see what exactly I wanted myself. […]

A Clockwork Orange

The Wikipedia article on A Clockwork Orange worried me a little when it described one of the characters in the book: “Pete: The more rational and least violent of the gang. He is the only one who doesn’t take particular sides when the Droogs [meaning friends in the book’s language] fight.” This should really be […]

Food for thought

Whose fault is it if someone cannot finish his food? (I’m only talking about food wastage for home-cooked meals.) Short term: If one does not finish his food, it means, in basic economic terms, that the supply of food has exceeded the person’s demand for food. Where do the supply and demand for food come […]

‘In Palin’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign, she supported the building of the Gravina Island Bridge connecting to Ketchikan which was later nicknamed the “Bridge to Nowhere” due to the island’s population of 50. Palin ran on a “build-the-bridge” platform, arguing that it was essential for local prosperity, saying in August 2006: “We need to come to […]

I didn’t know this happened…

Bush challenged to ‘duel’ with SaddamFrom BBC News