G8 (or rather Windermere)

Turns out I didn’t do as badly as I thought, but did as badly as I thought at the same time. For almost all of the games (save one or two which comprised almost entirely bad play) I started off with bad racks, eventually turning them into consecutive good racks (and therefore consistent high scores). If we look at perfection I think I lost between 50 to 100 equity on most games. I’m not sure on this, but I’m not bothered either.

This year’s Causeway team will be fairly interesting, as always – probably any player (now) from the Masters division qualifies in terms of standard for the team. The playing field in Singapore is rather balanced, though recent results may suggest otherwise – it’s pretty difficult to win any game here in the top flight. That is not to say we are all good players – there are still many mistakes (whether of significance or not) made by most (if not all) players here which means there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Not much has changed since I last played, though the players are undoubtedly getting better. This improvement in standards is an inevitable consequence of our association’s “culture” – a competitive ratings system, frequent competitions/ practices and the Internet (ISC, better sharing mediums, Scrabulous if anyone uses that thing). And of course it can be further attributed to the nature of Scrabble itself – a very large number of words to expose oneself to, each game being unique and each decision being a little different. Don’t think I’ll post any analysis on the tournament, but it was pretty enjoyable. Congrats to Michael for organising yet another successful tourney – will be looking out for Causeway.

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