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Switch-Tile Scrabble

I’ve blogged earlier on about Scrabble with 8 tiles, but I’ve just got another wacky new idea. What if everyone had a chance to change their tiles (under normal changing rules) before every single move – but would then suffer the penalty of 5 points lost for every tile changed? This wouldn’t affect normal changing, […]


Switched the comment style from popup to embedded – now you won’t be able to see the comments in a popup/ new window (unless you use middle click or some other method), but at least you can see the post content in the same window/ tab. Comment if you want me to switch it back.

Free challenge?

“This final was played to free challenge, and there were a predictably large number of challenges in every game. We both agreed that it was logical and correct to challenge every word where even a scintilla of doubt existed, and as such Free Challenge was detrimental to the game.” – Harshan, L. Didn’t happen at […]

On Bipartisanship and everything

Philosophy, et cetera: Bipartisanship and In-Betweenism This is probably not a new opinion, but it’s something I completely agree with. It’s also a good answer to my previous post about the election. I’d say it’s basic principle is that one shouldn’t do something for the sake of doing it, especially if it causes them to […]

7 new GMs this year?

In addition to the two new GMs this year, how about 5-6 more before the year ends? (Ben Chow, somewhere on 1880+) 4 NM Chua Kim Loong, Victor 462 1890 19 Oct 2008 +24 Dec 2008 =5 *NM Lim Li Wei 323 1884 28 Sep 2008 Jul 2009 =5 **NM Prudencio, Marlon 258 1884 19 […]

Updated details for SP Mini

Venue: Signature Park Condominium Function Room (Club House, Level 2)Buses to Jalan Jurong Kechil: 61, 66, 157, 174, 970, 985Buses to Toh Tuck Road: 77, 173 (you have to walk farther if you take 173)By MRT: Bukit Batok, then take 61 from interchangeDay/Date: Sunday, 30th November 2008Entry fee: $15 SGD including lunchFormat: likely to be […]

Very very sensible

“I consider blogging to be a very informal type of publishing – like putting up thoughts on your door, with a note asking for comments, or like brainstorming sessions. Nothing in this weblog is done rigorously: it’s a place for jottings and first impressions. Because I consider posts here to be ‘literary seedings’ rather than […]

The worst article I have read in a while

Commentary: Obama and Bush are not so far apart – From (Source: Brad DeLong) The title itself gives it away!

SP Mini, JG Mini and Causeway/ WYSC

SP Mini Full DetailsThis was supposed to be posted as an idea only, pending a survey on interest levels, but it seems to have been somewhat concretised by the SA email. Anyway, the tentative details follow: Venue: Signature Park Condominium Function RoomBuses: 61, 66, 157, 174, 970, 985Day/Date: Sunday, 30th November 2008Entry fee: $15 including […]

Seven things to ponder about

Some questions I’d like to ask anyone who’s interested about or learning about the Presidential Race. 1. Which candidate do you think would offer the best solution to the country’s economic woes? How would that happen, and why would that happen if the candidate was elected into the White House? 2. Does America’s debt signify […]