Seven things to ponder about

Some questions I’d like to ask anyone who’s interested about or learning about the Presidential Race.

1. Which candidate do you think would offer the best solution to the country’s economic woes? How would that happen, and why would that happen if the candidate was elected into the White House?

2. Does America’s debt signify an underlying problem with the American way of life or the American style of governance? Is this issue (of debt) really that important to the country’s electorate? If so, which of the two candidates appears most convincing on reducing (or at least reducing the rise of) America’s debt?

3. If you were an American who was so-called unemotionally involved with America’s foreign interventions (e.g. your relatives didn’t get killed in 911, your son isn’t serving in Afghanistan or Iraq), how concerned would you really be about America’s foreign policy thrusts, and the image of America as a “force for good”? How has the financial crisis altered your view on this?

4. Which is better as a whole (meaning across different markets and industries) for America at this point of time – regulation or deregulation? History has shown either of them to be correct at different points of time – which is the lesser evil now, especially for the key markets in the debate – healthcare and finance? Which candidate do you think would most probably actively take your stance?

5. Would you support offshore drilling in America if you were an American resident? Which of the three is the most crucial to the energy debate for an American citizen – self-sufficiency, affordable prices or environmental conservation? How would the other two concerns listed affect your pick?

6. What is a bipartisan approach, and what does a bipartisan approach mean to a president’s policy? What are the merits (and even demerits) of taking a “bipartisan approach” in the Congress and in the presidency? Which candidate do you think would be most successful in pushing forth a “bipartisan approach” and how important do you think this is relative to other issues?

7. Given all of the above considerations, who would you vote for if you could actually vote? In the span of four years, how much closer do you think the American reality can be brought to the American dream if your choice is elected? Do you think America’s going to vote for your choice candidate and why?

EDIT: I admit I got a little inspired from this.

JG mini/ maybe Causeway/ probably SP Mini post following soon.

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