Very very sensible

“I consider blogging to be a very informal type of publishing – like putting up thoughts on your door, with a note asking for comments, or like brainstorming sessions. Nothing in this weblog is done rigorously: it’s a place for jottings and first impressions. Because I consider posts here to be ‘literary seedings’ rather than finished products, nothing here should be taken as if it were anything more than an attempt to rough out some basic thoughts on various issues. Learning to look at any topic philosophically requires, I think, jumping right in, even knowing that you might be making a fool of yourelf; so that’s what I do. My primary interest in most topics is the flow and structure of reasoning they involve rather than their actual conclusions, so most of my posts are about that. If, however, you find me making a clear factual error, let me know; blogging is a great way to get rid of misconceptions.”

Source: Siris

This is, as my title suggests, very sensible: I find this a good philosophy for all bloggers to follow.

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