Switch-Tile Scrabble

I’ve blogged earlier on about Scrabble with 8 tiles, but I’ve just got another wacky new idea. What if everyone had a chance to change their tiles (under normal changing rules) before every single move – but would then suffer the penalty of 5 points lost for every tile changed? This wouldn’t affect normal changing, which would still take up the turn at no penalty to score. It’s still quite a big change though – how would this affect board strategy and rack psychology?

Personally, I think rack leave might be less of a concern under such a circumstance, and the focus would really switch to deciding what to keep during the change (something like poker). The 5-point-per-tile penalty is quite a deterrent though – it can possibly reduce a bingo score of 75 to 30. Another possibility is that defence becomes more important than ever – if one leaves a line exposed, his opponent may just change his tiles at a penalty and deal some serious damage. I hesitate to think of what might happen to pre-endgame situations.

Anyone up for 8-tile Switch-Tile Clabbers (10-point challenge) soon?

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