Monthly Archives: November 2008

G8 and JG Mini Bingo Lists

The bingo lists for G82008 and JGCCOCT08 have been uploaded (I got them after some pestering). The G8 one is on MediaFire because Google Docs screws the document’s format somehow.

Minesweeper Solution #1

1. Under this circumstance, which 2 squares would you open? Getting the answer requires you to “simulate” the mines: i.e. predict all the possible locations of the mines. Let’s do this pictorially, where black spots represent possible mine locations and black lines mean that a single mine can be in any of those squares. This […]

Minesweeper Solution #2 and Puzzle #3

Bah, just realised my first minesweeper puzzle was a little screwed up again! It’s being edited and, by the time anyone reads this post, it should be edited completely so that there are meaningful answers to each question. I’m sorry – I’m still not completely experienced with this stuff at the moment, but I’m trying […]

Minesweeper Puzzle #2

(click to enlarge) This is probably easier to do than the previous one. It’s a good intro to those who are new to Minesweeper – the number on the left (3) shows how many mines there are left. The empty pop-out squares are the ones that haven’t been done. For this one, just post the […]

Minesweeper Puzzle #1

(click to enlarge) I’m afraid I wasn’t able to recreate the pop-out effect for the unfilled squares, but the area to be solved is the top left corner. There are 6 mines left. (for those who read the blog before the edit, sorry – the puzzle isn’t solvable without prior information, so there are other […]

On bubbles

“For example, I clearly remember a taxi driver in Miami explaining to me years ago that the housing bubble there was getting crazy. With all the construction under way, which he pointed out as we drove along, he said that there would surely be a glut in the market and, eventually, a disaster.” – Robert […]