Minesweeper Solution #2 and Puzzle #3

Bah, just realised my first minesweeper puzzle was a little screwed up again! It’s being edited and, by the time anyone reads this post, it should be edited completely so that there are meaningful answers to each question. I’m sorry – I’m still not completely experienced with this stuff at the moment, but I’m trying :).

Here’s the solution for quiz 2. The colours of the squares represent the colours of the numbers of mines. Black specially represents a mine.

(click to enlarge)

For those who want to tackle/ give up on more puzzles, here’s another one to fill your time.

(click to enlarge)

1. There are two squares that you can open in the bottom unopened area. Which squares are these?
2. If the sum of the two numbers in the squares you open is 6, what can you do?
3. Regardless of the sum of the two numbers in the squares you can open in Q1, which squares force you to guess if there’s a mine?

Notation for this is letters for rows (1st row A) and numbers for columns (1st column 1).

Difficulty: Above Average

Will post up the solution to puzzle 1 in a few days.

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