Monthly Archives: December 2008

Some thoughts

I was recently reminded that I haven’t posted in many days (I think I was misinformed on the exact number). Unfortunately there hasn’t been much going on that is post-worthy as I prefer posting about geek-worthy stuff rather than personal stuff. Here’s something of some interest though. Following Singapore’s (disappointing?) performance at the Causeway tournament, […]

JG Mini Report and more

Interesting that my blog still gets a few hits per day despite the lack of updates. I am trying to post something useful/ meaningful but there hasn’t been much content. Here’s a short recap of my games at the JG Mini last weekend. Pre-tourney I arrived at the venue with Cheah/ Victor, and learnt along […]

Causeway Open Division – Round 27

Open Division updates, again for those who cannot view it on the webpage. Round 27 Placings round 27 Just played in round 27 Next opponent 1 Ricky Purnomo 20 +946 was pipped by Olobatoke Aka 433:436 Andy Kurnia 2 Andy Kurnia 18 +1171 lost to Helen Maurus 446:463 Ricky Purnomo 3 Pat John 18 +697 […]


Lose the ROTO, or get kicked out? Hmm…. I’d rather the first.

Cway Open Results – Round 21

For those who can’t see the results on the page. Round 21 Placings round 21 Just played in round 21 Next opponent 1 Andy Kurnia 15.5 +1087 pulverised Jagan Narayanan 580:307 Martus Theodoro Jr 2 Alastair Richards 15 +1291 pulverised Ricky Purnomo 495:245 Chia Guo Cong 3 Ricky Purnomo 15 +602 was pulverised by Alastair […]