Monthly Archives: January 2009

NST-ASCI (or whatsitsname)

Just returned from Malaysia (specifically the University of Malaya) where I had a decent time with the tiles and the game – met many of the kids from WYSC 07 and made a few friends here and there. I won’t describe my games (trade secret, don’t even think I want to write an article for […]

Pre-CSW vs CSW

I am very interested to see what impact the introduction of CSW has on gameplay, so I did a little statistical study a few days ago – posting the results today. I did the study on 15 local players who play rather regularly here – and I excluded all non-members (because it is not easy […]

An eclectic selection

I was recently browsing through the Australian Scrabble website when some differences (between the Australian association and our own) caught my attention – and are probably worth a mention. Note that I might have made a few factual errors here so please feel free to point them out. Looking back at the 2008 Australian Nationals […]