NST-ASCI (or whatsitsname)

Just returned from Malaysia (specifically the University of Malaya) where I had a decent time with the tiles and the game – met many of the kids from WYSC 07 and made a few friends here and there. I won’t describe my games (trade secret, don’t even think I want to write an article for SA News about it) but let’s just say I played quite decently save the last game – but I “played badly” in that game because I did not know the bingos that I missed – but otherwise still decent.

Other than that the last game was somewhat reminiscent of the pre-WYSC final games as I was under much scrutiny by pretty much everyone who was watching the tourney – I don’t think it affected my play a lot though.

Perhaps more will follow.

PS: I realise we had 4 new GMs last year! Everyone’s getting better…

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