Monthly Archives: February 2009

More on Causeway

Team allocation seems OK, not the fairest definitely, but hard to complain considering the complications over the past 2 years. It seems like the tournament is still at its infancy as Michael has arranged some interesting changes, including the usage of Causeway-customised boards and annotation for all games. Wonder how that will turn out. (I […]

Are we…

only in it for the money?


I haven’t been able to win many games on ISC lately – but strangely enough, I seem to be winning most of my games in real life. I seem to be losing these games because I make one or two major errors each game. Perhaps my losses on ISC foreshadow a poor performance at Millennium […]

More on NST-ASCI – some chronology (Day 2)

Tourney (Day 2) I did not manage to sleep well that night – waking up at 5 am and being unable to sleep after that. I decided to take a shower at 7+ am and Ian was awake/ half-awake by the time I came back. Breakfast would be served at 8 am and we’d have […]

More on NST-ASCI – some chronology (Day 1)

Pre-tourney The arrangement to KL was a little unsettling for me because it entailed waking up early (which I hadn’t done in ages) and catching the first bus to the checkpoint, and then meeting Ian at the newly built CIQ (which Ian’s dad wasn’t familiar with!). Thankfully all went well as I arrived in JB […]