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This is how I coach Scrabble, OK maybe not

Five simple benchmarks for the up and coming local youths (“you are not even”s):1. You are not even decent at strategy unless you can observe any 1750-1900+ player in a Division A tourney and spot a strategical mistake (not a missed word that the player didn’t know) the player has made. 2. You are not […]

“And actually, it was kind of presumptuous to name the band that, because we weren’t that good musicians, we were . . . But by bar-band standards in the area, we were light-years ahead of our competition, but in terms of real musicianship, I just suppose we were right down there in the swamp.”– Frank […]

Some Realism

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film three out of five stars, stating that “despite the extravagant drama and some demonstrations of the savagery meted out to India’s street children, this is a cheerfully undemanding and unreflective film with a vision of India that, if not touristy exactly, is certainly an outsider’s view; it […]

Millennium Cup 09 and even more on Causeway

Will save on the game reports because I was unfocused on the first day (i.e. any game report that did any justice to my gameplay would put me to shame). I might, however, consider doing this for SA News, but only if I have the time (to make myself seem like a better player than […]