Millennium Cup 09 and even more on Causeway

Will save on the game reports because I was unfocused on the first day (i.e. any game report that did any justice to my gameplay would put me to shame). I might, however, consider doing this for SA News, but only if I have the time (to make myself seem like a better player than I really am). I’ll try to do some tile statistics though when I feel less shattered – I played the tourney after a short working stint that consisted of long days and little sleep in between. Might even release a puzzle or two.

On a sidenote – 8 out of 9 world champions at Causeway would be a spectacular feat. If Michael is able to achieve it, I would have fewer gripes about the newly-introduced 10-point challenge (for the top division). When it comes to a tournament of such a big scale, rigidly sticking to WESPA rules is not the way to go (after all, I can imagine most of the players wanting a break from 5-point after WSC) – I now am unopposed to both possibilities, but please just keep it as point challenge :).

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