This is how I coach Scrabble, OK maybe not

Five simple benchmarks for the up and coming local youths (“you are not even”s):
1. You are not even decent at strategy unless you can observe any 1750-1900+ player in a Division A tourney and spot a strategical mistake (not a missed word that the player didn’t know) the player has made.

2. You are not even decent at bingos unless you:
a) can spot 5 or more bingo misses in a local major (Division A), just by walking around and looking at people’s racks/ boards.
b) can average 1.5 or more bingos in a Division A/ B tournament. (pretty low standards if you ask some other Division A players)
c) can look at a Division A bingo list and say you can find (not only know) half the bingos there

3. You are not even decent at endgames unless you can discuss an endgame on the same intellectual level as (regular) Division A players.

4. You are not even playing properly if you only challenge bingos and let the short words off, because “it’s only a handful of points”.

5. You are not even going to make it to the top (in Singapore, which still doesn’t make you a great Scrabble player) if you cheat on ISC without learning your basics.

No this is not elitism from the top (I’m not even one of the best players in the world), but just a reality check from somebody who’s sick of watching cheats (some local, some youth) on ISC make foolish strategical plays. Don’t even think you can get to the 1800 range (or WYSC top 5 range) without accomplishing all these!

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