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Siam’s gonna be the witness/ To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness

For those who did well at Penang, congratulations! And good luck to everyone playing at King’s Cup! And good luck to everyone going back into the army! (including myself)

Of (alarm) note

In North Korea, culture, including music, is controlled by a government which encourages light, state-sponsored music, or music with patriotic worker-driven themes (praising leader Kim Jong Il, his late father Kim Il-Sung and their communist policies) played on radios, the Pyongyang Metro speaker system or in public by large worker’s orchestras. Listening to South Korean […]

Some interesting positions

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything concrete about Scrabble (as I am a hisself tabards who wants to ensconce flemish in the 1900s) but here’s some recent positions (perhaps) of interest. Names blurred out so no one enters the hall of shame (except me). Position #1This position comes from a real-life game: […]

SGO musings

1. Nigel is the expected (before the tourney) and unexpected (after 12 games) winner! OK maybe the second part was a little exaggerated – but I doubt anyone at that point would have expected him to pull ahead 2 games clear of the field.2. I was talking to Henry on day 2 about doing a […]