SGO musings

1. Nigel is the expected (before the tourney) and unexpected (after 12 games) winner! OK maybe the second part was a little exaggerated – but I doubt anyone at that point would have expected him to pull ahead 2 games clear of the field.
2. I was talking to Henry on day 2 about doing a Guo Cong. Looks like I shouldn’t talk to anyone midway through the tourney next time. (or maybe my presence gives Henry some luck)
3. Ricky’s rating has been going up after every single tourney this year for a total gain of 183. Remarkable. Uh, no I’ll not talk about the reverse trend.
4. I could have played in this one, but thankfully I didn’t – had to leave after lunch on the second day.
5. No, I don’t particularly prefer watching tourneys to playing in tournaments.
6. Missing SGO this year probably means I will not get to play Nigel for another year! Unless I can squeeze time out for an international tournament (which does not guarantee me a row on his [non-existent?] score card anyway)
7. I still haven’t ever played in LBH or SGO!
8. Would be interesting if we got more NMs/ SMs. Welcome Arul/ Zhiyuan/ Eden/ Adrian and hope to play you all soon!
9. I hope it isn’t too early to ask this, but what’s up for WYSC?
10. Aaand.. WSC?

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