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Endgame analysis (warning: can be mathematical)

Here’s the position again: (click to enlarge) Get familiar with the position if you’re going to read through the whole thing here, you’ll probably need to refer to it quite a few times. Some things to note:1. Tony has just bingoed, so it’s impossible to tell what he drew from the bag.2. There are at […]

August JG Mini

Is anyone selling the old SamTiles/ International Protiles/ Whatever you might call them – the old style black on white or white on black ones? I’m interested in getting a set for myself. Short tourney report: I was glad to see so many players join the tournament, though I did hope more WYSC participants were […]


Reproduced with Tony’s permission. (click to enlarge) Above is a screenshot of the position, which happened at Hubert’s place (the board is shown, albeit upside down, in one of the pictures): I’m in the midst of typing a rather lengthy “analysis” of this position but I’d like to solicit ideas and opinions on this – […]


Arrived at 3 to find 6 others in the venue – Jessie, Ms. Ong, Tony, Ricky, Marlon and of course the host Hubert himself; all playing each other. The practice field was for once very strong, with 5 GMs around, and some uncommonly seen at practice! I started playing after a while (when their games […]


I’m still not sure if I’ll be allowed to go for the WSC, but anyway this is the (playing) schedule that I have set up for myself irregardless of whether I qualify:– Practice at JGCC/ TPY (TPY unlikely) whenever free (min 4 games), perhaps with 1 week break every 3 weeks– Practice at any other […]