August JG Mini

Is anyone selling the old SamTiles/ International Protiles/ Whatever you might call them – the old style black on white or white on black ones? I’m interested in getting a set for myself.

Short tourney report:

I was glad to see so many players join the tournament, though I did hope more WYSC participants were present for practice. (At least I got most of them to come on Thursday)

It was a rather dismal first half for me as I played my moves too quickly, making a few serious blunders each game (but managing to win 2 – half is usually my aim every tournament). I’m pretty happy with my game against Cheah though, with very minimal mistakes (an imperfect endgame but I was low on time and winning anyway). My game against GH seems to be hastily played (like the first few) – I’ll need to slow myself down a little bit more to see better moves. I still managed to scrape through that one with a lucky endgame.

Against Tony, I played fairly well – only notable blunder being my failure to challenge off his NODED* which sounded rather valid to me. Other than that, I made very few mistakes, though I’ll have to simulate some moves to confirm that. My last game was against Michael was ill-fated as he started with a natural LAUWINE (72). A few poor plays I made resulted in immediate bingo replies from him – where I’d have blocked the spots if I’d made the correct plays. Perfect example of justice in Scrabble.

In total, I had 18 bingos in 8 games, with 9 blanks drawn and a very high average (452.5) for a 5-win player. Not too satisfying, but not too disappointing either.

Photos from the mini (click to enlarge):

The tournament venue, just large enough for the 25 competitors

Tournament admin-istration

Michael, the 2009 National Champion, making a move against Tony – Tony has just started with YEANING, if you look closely enough.

Michael, on the same turn

Division C game – Seah Hong Long vs Choy Lai Meng Jackie

Ricky identifying his nine timer on the board

Ricky in action (or Ricky inaction if you must; hint hint Nationals), playing his nine timer QUA(Y)SIDE. OK just kidding – the actual high word for the tournament was JEELING 121 by Marlon.

Some Division B & C games in progress

Guanhui trying to find out which words here can be translated into Chinese

Division C game: Stifen vs Neoh Tse Pin

Ricky vs Marlon Prudencio (note why Ricky’s usually one of the guys playing – I usually snap pictures after I finish my game)

Tony doing some postmortem analysis Gee what was I thinking? He’s playing!

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