Monthly Archives: September 2009

Food for thought

This was an unpublished draft from somewhere around June this year. I gave it a second look and decided it’s publish-worthy… Among other artists, he specifically condemns Wagner and Beethoven as examples of overly cerebral artists, who lack real emotion. Furthermore, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 cannot claim to be able to “infect” their audience, as […]


I suppose we’re allowed to use our own scoresheets during the WSC (Mattel can’t be that intrusive) so I’m in the midst of designing my own scoresheet. These are some features I think are ideal in a scoresheet: – A way to check that you’ve tracked – I hate retracking because it wastes time that […]

Not much Scrabble for now

because I’m stuck on another computer (the one I usually use won’t start). Youtube’s probably the best thing to do here :). Any book recommendations? I have some liberty in camp to read for now…

How Scrabble should be played

(click to enlarge) Don’t have time for a proper post, will probably do one next week!